Local Incentives

State Incentives

Job Tax Credits

$3,500 per job each year for 5 years, minimum 2 qualifying jobs. (Dodge County is a Tier 1 county). Since Dodge County is a member of a regional joint development authority, a $500 bonus credit per job would apply, making the credit $4,000 per qualifying job.

Port Job Tax Credits

$1,250 per job bonus added to the job tax credit for businesses with large increases in shipments out of a Georgia port.

Investment Tax Credit

3%-5% of qualified capital investment; companies must choose either the investment tax credit or the job tax credit.

Childcare Tax Credit

Up to 75% of the employer’s direct cost of providing or sponsoring childcare for employees, or 100% of the cost of purchasing or constructing a qualified childcare property for employees.

Manufacturing Machinery and Computer Sales Tax Exemptions

Sales and use tax exemptions on qualified tangible personal property under certain specified conditions.

Georgia Quick Start Training

Customized, world-class training for new and expanding industries and businesses, at no cost to qualifying businesses.

Low Corporate Tax

Georgia’s low corporate tax rate is 5.75%. The single factor apportionment formula applies the corporate tax rate only to gross receipts or sales in Georgia, significantly reducing the tax rate of Dodge County companies with substantial sales to customers outside of Georgia.

Federal Opportunity Zone

Federal Opportunity Zones are designated areas within the United States, including certain economically distressed urban and rural communities, where investors can receive tax incentives for investing in qualified projects and businesses. These zones were created as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 to spur economic development and job creation in underserved communities.

Workforce Assistance

Georgia's Quick Start

Georgia’s Quick Start Program, the internationally recognized customized workforce training program, is a state incentive at no cost to qualified companies.

Permitting Fees

The Dodge County Eastman Development Authority may arrange for “concierge permitting” for obtaining necessary permits and/or provide a reduction in the required permit fees.