Powering Prosperity in Eastman, Georgia

Where Vision Meets Opportunity:
Fostering Growth, Innovation, and Community Success.

A Strategic Hub at the Heart of It All

Nestled in the heart of Georgia, Dodge County-Eastman Development Authority (DCEDA) is the epicenter for logistics, manufacturing, technology, and medical ventures. Eastman’s strategic location offers not only an advantageous cost of living but also an exceptional quality of life. Positioned approximately 2 hours away from major cities like Atlanta, Charleston, Savannah, and Charlotte, Eastman stands tall as the choice destination for forward-thinking businesses.

Your Gateway to Success

DCEDA provides the ideal launching pad for your venture in logistics, manufacturing, technology, and healthcare.

Labor Force

Our skilled workforce is the backbone of Dodge County’s rise as a premier business destination in the Southeast.

Business & Industries

Explore why an array of dynamic enterprises are selecting Eastman for their next venture.

Premier Locations

Eastman boasts an array of sites and facilities tailored to meet the needs of any business.